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Insurance & Payment



  • I am contracted with Regence and Premera plans only.  I submit insurance claims only to those two carriers or to other Blue Cross/Blue Shield associated with those two companies.  If I submit a claim for you, you may still be asked to pay a copayment at the time of the appointment, a coinsurance payment after the appointment, or a fee for the entire maximum billable amount if you have an unmet deductible.  It is your responsibility to make sure that I am a preferred provider under your plan.  I suggest that prior to your first appointment you call your insurance company and verify that I am in your network.

  • I am an “out of network” provider for all other insurance plans including Medicare and Medicaid.  In such a circumstance, full payment is due at the time of each visit, and I will provide you with a receipt.  You can submit this receipt to your insurance company for reimbursement directly to you at “out of network” rates.  Many plans offer “out of network” benefits, though some do not.  If you are planning to seek reimbursement, I encourage you to contact your insurance carrier to find out about your “out of network” benefit so that you can anticipate your out-of pocket expenses prior to scheduling an appointment.

  • It is your responsibility to report any changes to your insurance plan.


Fees and Payment


  • The fee for the first new patient visit is $300.  The visit lasts 60 minutes.

  • The fees for return visits vary depending on the complexity and type of care provided.  The range is $175-$275.

  • Payment is due at each visit.  I accept cash, checks, debit card and credit cards.  NSF checks are subject to a $25 fee.

  • I require each patient to have a valid credit card on file to charge for any outstanding balances.  Please see credit card authorization form for further information.

  • A fee of $50 is assessed for any medication prior authorization that requires more than 15 minutes of my time.

  • If paperwork is required for any reason you should schedule an appointment and have it completed in session.  If you ask me to complete paperwork or write a letter outside of a session a $100 fee will be assessed.

  • The fee for chart notes/medical records is $0.25 per page.


Cancellations and Missed Appointments


  • Your appointment is reserved exclusively for you, so please give at least 24 business hours notice for any appointment which you are unable to keep.  Full fees are charged for missed appointments and cancellations with less than 24 business hours notice.  Please note that insurance does not reimburse any portion of these missed appointment fees.

  • Missing appointments interferes with the efficacy and continuity of your care.  A pattern of repeatedly missing appointments is grounds for termination of care.

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